Saturday, October 3, 2009

Thank you, Cardinal Rigali: Statement for Respect Life Sunday

Cardinal Rigali has been an outspoken advocate for justice and protection of the right to life in the health care debate. This most recent statement is yet another lucid, analytical statement on his part that highlights the wrong-headedness of the proponents of the current versions of health-care reform being supported by a number of Catholics in Congress.

This paragraph in the Cardinal's statement is particularly noteworthy:

Since the advent of widespread contraception and abortion, a cultural hostility to children has grown. They are often depicted as costly encumbrances who interfere with a carefree adult life. No fewer than six recent books are dedicated to defending the childless-by-choice lifestyle – for selfish reasons, or to counter "overpopulation," a thoroughly discredited myth. In fact, if married couples were to have more children, Medicare and Social Security would not be hurtling toward bankruptcy. Since 1955, because of fewer children and longer life spans, the number of workers has declined relative to the number of beneficiaries, from 8.6 to only 3.1 workers paying benefits to support each beneficiary. Without substantially more young people to enter the work force as young adults, in 25 years, there will be only 2.1 workers supporting each beneficiary. Eliminating our young does not solve problems even on pragmatic grounds. It adds to them.

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