Friday, June 11, 2010

Six Catholic Justices? ...Three Jews.

The earlier version of a post on these hearings was based on another article.  My error for not verifying the information.  Thanks to the commentors who corrected me.  The moral issue remains the same regarding Catholics in political life.

Kagan will be the 3rd Jewish person on the Court.  Kagan advocates for abortion rights. She did this even as a clerk for Justice Thurgood Marshall. Senators John Kyl (R-Az) and Jeff Sessions (R-Al) pointed to notes she wrote to Marshall advising him to reject cases appealed to the Court because they would give the “conservative majority” of the court the opportunity to cut back on access to abortion. The AP reported that “she advised Marshall to vote to reject an appeal even though she had reservations about a federal appeals court ruling” in a case over females prisoners right to abortion.

Unfortunately, there are many Catholics in the Senate who will vote to confirm, just as they vote for so-called abortion rights.  This has been the scandal of Catholics on the Court and in the Congress.

It is very likely that many Catholics have not considered the scope of the scandal of this situation. But we are reminded of it nearly every day. When Catholics in public life, having a particular responsibility for the common good, advocate laws which allow the killing of the innocent and support others in doing so, they become the enemy of the good. The scandal is immense because it is through their actions that others become victims of abortion. These Catholics become willing participants in all the crimes authorized by such laws. There is nothing mysterious about this principle.  If you aid someone else in the commission of an evil act, you share responsibility. In many cases, they are more responsible than the unfortunate women who, too, become the victims of abortion.

It is the duty of our spiritual and moral leaders to correct this.  The perpetrators of these crimes need mercy, healing and forgiveness.  How will they be saved if they do not repent?  Why would they repent when they have not been called to conversion for their sins?  But do they know their position is sinful? Hopefully someone with some authority will correct this.


dmwallace said...

Everything I've seen points to Kagan being a Jew.

Fr. Richard said...

Thanks for the kind correction, dmwallace. I hope to hear more on the issue of political cooperation in evil. Is there a serious defense for politicians who formally cooperate in blocking legislation which restricts access to abortion?