Friday, March 2, 2012

Senator Mary Landrieu Votes Against Protection of Conscience Rights

13 Catholic Senators Vote Against Protection of Church's Right to Follow Its Own Teaching

In a story from the Times Picayune, by Jonathon Tilove, Landrieu said,

The Blunt amendment simply goes too far,.... It would allow any insurance provider to block any service, preventive or otherwise, that is "contrary to the religious beliefs or moral convictions of the sponsor, issuer or other entity offering the plan." This not only includes preventive birth control medication, which millions of American women rely on, but could also include blood transfusions, organ transplants or hospice care, which some 'sponsors' may find objectionable.

Oh, and Obamacare and the HHS Mandate doesn't go too far? I wonder why she did not do this kind of parsing of the Obamacare bill when she voted for that!

Landrieu thinks the President Obama's "accommodation" is just dandy.

The administration has now modified the policy, and the revised rule, in my view, protects religious freedom and respects the rights of churches and Catholic hospitals and institutions.

Yes, you and about 12 other Catholics in the US Senate.  Since you have publicly stated your support for all of this Senator Landrieu, as a priest from your state, I would like to ask you to publicly repent of the scandal that you are causing.  You need to repent and confess your sins.

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