Thursday, July 4, 2013

UK May Be First to Allow "Three-Parent" Human Embryos Via IVF

UK May Be First to Allow 3-Parent Human Embryos Via IVF

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Josephine Quintavalle said...

It is not a question of 'may allow' but will. The legal facility to further this research is already in place in our law since the Human Fertilisation & Embryology Act was revised in 2008. The next stage will simply be a discussion of how to formulate the regulations.
And it should also be noted that the preferred process is by harvesting mitochondia DNA from an embryo, not an egg, which is as close at its gets to the cloning process.
Thankfully opposition comes not only from pro-lifers and religious ethicists but also from a highly academic secular scientific community, particularly in the US. This secular voice should be highlighted.